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White Icelandic Sheepskins

The Black Sheep White Light range have all been tanned eco friendly and no harsh chemicals have been used.

The processing of these sheepskin conforms to strict EU directives concerning environmental preservation and protection — no chromium or bleaches were used in the tanning process.

Care Instructions:

  • Mix a wool specific detergent with warm water (as per detergents directions) to produce foam;
  • Using the foam only (do not soak or submerge the sheepskin in water) work the foam over the pelt, pat dry with a clean cloth, shake and leave to dry;
  • Comb when dry and you're all done.

Icelandic Sheepskins are best known for their very long soft superior wool.

Dimensions 45-51" x 30-38", the wool is ~1-1-1/2" long.

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