Laguiole Cheese Set 2pc - Ivory
Laguiole Cheese Set 2pc - Ivory
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Laguiole Cheese Set 2pc - Ivory

Present and serve your cheese plate in style with the Laguiole 2 Piece Cheese Set Grey. The perfectly styled set includes a pronged knife and soft cheese spreader allowing for a variety of cheese types.

The set arrives in a wooden box for organization and storing, and made from stainless steel, the set is durable and easy to clean. The Laguiole 2 Piece Cheese Set Grey will look exquisite when brought out at a dinner party as well as for everyday use.

Dimensions: 25 x 6 x 2 cm 

Brand: Andre Verdier
Laguiole is actually the name of a village in the Aubrac Mountains of the Aveyron region of France. It’s also the name of a cheese, and the generic name for a folding knife. It’s not a brand name, which is why you can find Laguiole style cutlery made all over the world, across a range of price points. The symbol of the bee is famously known to have been passed on to the village of Laguiole by Napoleon himself, to signify his approval and recommendation of their knives after he was delivered one as a gift. 
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