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Our Community

The A49 Community is a group of savvy shoppers who lead busy lives. Forever stylish, they seek to surround themselves with quality and beauty. They are travellers, nature lovers, active and social people who love dinner and drinks with friends.

A community that cares about people, the environment and the world their children will live in. Who are generous but appreciate value for money. Shoppers that know its important to put their dollars into businesses that do their best to create a better world


Best Possible Prices 

We offer discounted shopping on all new collections to our community of shoppers. Each new brand or product is available for pre-order at a discount of 15% so you know you are getting gorgeous new products at the best possible prices.


How It Works  

1. We source the latest brands and products from around the world and introduce at least two new collections per month  

2. We offer exclusive access to our community at a discounted price of 15% for pre-orders for a limited time

3. Once the sale period is closed we place the order and your products start making their way to you!  

4. We might buy a few extra of our favourite things for those that missed out... but once the sale period is over there will no longer be any discount