Laguiole 18 piece Cutlery Set - Grey
Laguiole 18 piece Cutlery Set - Grey
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Laguiole 18 piece Cutlery Set - Grey

Elegant and lively, the delightful mix of colours in this set will brighten up any occasion. The Debutant range is the affordable choice for those with a love of the famous Laguiole style.

6 x Spoons, 6 x Forks, 6 x Serrated Knives, 
Stainless Steel / ABS
Hand wash resin handle 
Gift Box included
Brand: Andre Verdier
Laguiole is actually the name of a village in the Aubrac Mountains of the Aveyron region of France. It’s also the name of a cheese, and the generic name for a folding knife. It’s not a brand name, which is why you can find Laguiole style cutlery made all over the world, across a range of price points. The symbol of the bee is famously known to have been passed on to the village of Laguiole by Napoleon himself, to signify his approval and recommendation of their knives after he was delivered one as a gift. 


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