Find Love Buy - Linen Bedding

Find Love Buy - Linen Bedding
An interior designer friend of ours once said, “The bedroom is for two things and two things only: sleep, and sex.” How right she was!
Your space should be conducive to these activities, and therefore it’s important to keep it feeling calm and peaceful. Light airy whites are particularly good for this, which is why we’ve picked this divine bedroom as a suggestion to model your bedroom on.
The vibe is very laidback and beachy – think sheer white curtains, raw wood furniture, natural fabrics such as linens, cottons and even fur. This look is all about simplicity and pared-down beauty, with a touch of greenery thrown in to give it a sense of life.
You can, however, use this look as a base and make it your own by finishing it with tribal rugs and floor cushions. Or bring in a pop of colour – stick to one or two hues, don’t go overboard – again, in the form of textiles such as cushions and throws. Burnt orange would look fab here, as would teal or bright green.
To help you get this look in your home, we’ve come up with our top product picks that fit perfectly in this peaceful oasis of a bedroom.
White sheets epitomise that clean, fresh bedroom vibe. These luxurious ones are made from Belgian linen and they are lovely and soft, having been pre-washed from Apartment 49.
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